Sophie from Co. Wexford was just 3 years old when we granted her wish to go to Disneyland Paris in April 2019. Thank you to Mum Sandra for sharing their story.

"Nearly 3 years ago our daughter Sophie was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 2. Although we were vaguely aware of Make-A-Wish beforehand, never did we think that the charity would go on to play such a big role in our lives.

Although it's been a year since Sophie's wish to go to Disneyland Paris was granted,the memories created on our trip will last a lifetime. Sophie's eyes still light up with excitement as she tells stories about how her dreams came true when she met all the Disney princesses. 

In our chaotic world of living with a child with a serious illness, it was a welcome relief for us as a family to forget all our worries for a few days and watch our daughter’s face fill with joy and delight. We will be forever indebted to Make-A-Wish for making Sophie's wish come true and for giving us the chance to make the most cherished memories together."

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