When Luke was going through his treatment for Leukaemia there was one thing that helped when the going got tough – Lego. During his wish visit with Make-A-Wish volunteers he was certain his wish would be to get his hands on the Daily Bugle Lego set. There was no other wish in his mind.

2 days after his 13th birthday Luke got a fantastic surprise when his mam handed him an envelope with a note from his wishgranter to say that the whole family were going to Limerick that day for an overnight stay in the Limerick Strand Hotel and that they would attend a Lego show the following day. Luke got another surprise when they arrived at the hotel and in his room he found the Daily Bugle Lego set along with some Lego themed cupcakes from Frattalicious Cupcakes

The following day Gar and his team looked after Luke and his family at the bricks show. Luke had an amazing time checking out all the Lego and having his family with him to share his passion just added to the occasion!

We hope Luke has many hours of fun building his new Lego ⭐


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