Kellie and her family from Louth made memories to last a lifetime when her wish to go to Centre Parcs was granted this summer.

Kellie and her family enjoyed an action-packed, fun-filled weekend, enjoying quality time together in the spa, playing squash, kayaking and swimming.

For Kellie, her wish was an escape from the reality of her treatment for refractory cytopenia of childhood. Her mum, Wendy, sent us this wonderful message of thanks.

“It was perfect from beginning to end. Because of her treatment, Kellie hadn't swam in four years. During her wish, we couldn't get her out of the pool! She did the zipline, and it is a memory we will never forget. Niall and I were both overcome with tears to see how far she has come, watching her get her physical and, more importantly, her mental strength back - there is nothing she can't achieve. It is a fantastic place, and with something we could all enjoy, from cycling to dancing, it is a memory we will cherish as a family and talk about for years to come”.

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