10-year-old Kate from Clare loves to feel the wind in her hair and so we were delighted to grant her wish for an e-bike and trailer! 

Kate's Mum told us, "As you will see, she absolutely loves her new trailer, and the e-bike for Paul has made pulling her along at speed no problem - the faster the better! She is so cosy in her beautiful pink blanket, and her Make-A-Wish Teddy and dog Poppy have to go along too. Hail, rain or snow, we will get out and about.

But the wish is not only for Kate. So many times the other members of the family have asked to go for a family hike or cycle, but we were not able to make that spur-of-the-moment choice as Kate could not come, so we could only go if it was pre-arranged with care assistance or grandparents.

The simple everyday option that most people take for granted is now possible for our family and for this, we are so grateful. We are already planning our trip west to cycle the Greenway - something we have been putting off as we were not quite ready to go without Kate. Now we won’t have to!"


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