Like every wish we grant, our 2000th wish was very special and unique. Brooke, aged 9, is from Dublin and is living with a debilitating disorder called Rett syndrome. She suffers numerous daily seizures, pneumonia, tight muscle tone and through the years has lost her mobility and speech.

Brooke’s mum felt that a magical fairy garden right outside her back door would be ideal for her– being sensory and magical, it would allow her to be outside with nature and give her a little escape from the realities of daily life. On the day the finished garden was revealed to Brooke, her friends and neighbours poured into the garden to help celebrate.

We would like to thank the Garden and Landscape Designers Association, designer David Shortall, The Irish Fairy Door Company and along with many other suppliers and contributors for helping to grant this enchanting wish.

Mum Julie says, “Not only have they filled our lives with hope and joy, they have made my little girl feel like a child again.”

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