Chloe from Westmeath, age 7,  living with a rare neurodevelopmental diagnosis wished for a family staycation to include a trip to the beach with her sisters. 

The wish was a tailored staycation for Chloe and her family to spend quality time together, this included a beach wheelchair which played a crucial role in making Chloe's beach visit possible.

This beach wheelchair allowed Chloe to navigate the sandy terrain and access the shoreline, enabling her to experience the sights, sounds, and sensations of the beach environment with her family.   For Chloe's mum Susan, witnessing her daughter reconnect with the beach, hear the soothing sounds of the waves, and feel the water was an emotional and heartwarming moment.

“Chloe loved the chance to go to the beach, using the special wheelchair.

She had not had that experience since she was 2 years of age, so to be able to bring her down to the sea and let her experience the noise of the waves and feel the water was very special.”

Granting such wishes not only brings joy to everyone involved but also emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in providing opportunities for everyone to enjoy life's simple pleasures.

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