When 6-year-old Charlie from Cork told us he did not believe that wishes could come true, we were determined to change Charlie’s mind! Charlie the only boy in his family with 3 older sisters, loves animals and farming machinery, so it was little wonder he picked being a farmer as his wish. Charlie has been through a lot in the past 6 years with the last part of his treatment leaving him with some mobility issues for a period.

Charlie and his family started their journey in Limerick, starting at Salesian Agricultural College in Pallaskenry. It was here that Charlie got to experience all the farm machinery as well as see the new lambs and cows at the college. The smile on Charlie’s face spoke volumes about his joy at being up close to real farm work. At the end of the day, Charlie received a certificate to say he had passed his basic farmer training and was now ready to move onto a real farm to become a Farmer.

The next stop was Tubbercurry, Sligo and a farm owned by John Normanly. John and Marie had signs and balloons out to welcome Charlie and his family. It was here Charlie got to experience a working farm. Neighbours Bernie Finan, Alannah, Conor and Walter drove down to meet Charlie in their tractors too so he could see a farming community at work.

Charlie’s mum told us “it took a long time for Charlie to buy into the whole process. Charlie strongly believed that wishes don’t come true, well now he has changed his mind”

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