Billy, a teenager from Carlow, is currently receiving treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma. He is a very keen boxer, and his wish was to go to the Katie Taylor fight!

Before the weekend, he was fitted out with a new suit in a local tailor in Carlow, Detailed Menswear, to make sure he was looking sharp for fight night!

Then came Friday where Billy was one of only a few present at the weigh-in and he had the chance to meet Eddie Hearn, the notorious boxing promoter who is chairman of Matchroom Sport.

Once fight night came, Billy and his family arrived early to scope out the scene. They were shown around backstage to check out the dressing rooms and Billy was able to meet some of the fighters who were on the undercard. Followed by that, they were shown to the VIP area where they could avail of free refreshments and snacks, and then they were shown to their seatas which were just under the ring! 

Billy and his family watched on as the night lead up to the penultimate fight. Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron. The fight was immense, with every shot landed being pivotal to the outcome, as the judges were scoring each round. With the judges scores coming through, it was an unbelievable moment when the crowd found out that Katie was the victor, crowning a special night for Billy.

However there was one final surprise for Billy, as Katie came down from the ring to speak to him right after her historic win. It was a night to remember for many reasons for Billy and his family, and provided happy memories to last a lifetime. Watch below, the moment when Billy met Katie!


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