Well-Being, Health and Safety Policy

Well-Being, Health and Safety Policy


Creating a positive work environment is essential for the physical and mental well-being of the employees. We believe in the importance of a healthy workforce in building a successful organisation.

In 2021, we launched a new three-year Strategic Plan focusing on strengthening the impact we create in society whilst keeping our stakeholders especially children, donors and people at the centre of every decision we make. We are dedicated to maintaining a productive workplace by minimizing the risk of injuries and exposure to health risks.


The policy articulates our commitment towards excellence and creating a safe and healthy workplace.


The policy applies to our own operation including office premises and fundraising and community event venues.

Our Commitment

We are committed to demonstrating a positive work atmosphere for our employees that ensures a stress-free and well-balanced professional and personal life. We focus on eliminating accidents, occupational illnesses and injuries at work along with creating an inclusive workplace. We have developed an effective grievance mechanism to resolve any dispute that occurs at the workplace. We have determined specific metrics to maintaining a productive workplace:

  • Health and safety incidents.
  • Grievance redressal.
  • Benefits offered to employees.

To implement our commitments towards safe and healthy work environment, we shall be guided by the following steps:

  • Eliminate hazards and reduce health & safety risks.
  • Comply with applicable health & safety legal regulations.
  • Conduct awareness workshops for employees on safe working practices to reduce any potential incidents and injuries, e.g., when travelling to meet our wish children or when in the office.