Training and Upskilling Policy

Training and Upskilling Policy


We recognise that to build an empowered workforce, learning and development plays an integral role and it is necessary to invest in our employees and offer them continuous learning opportunities whilst being cognisant of limited budget. We therefore commit to seeking pro-bono training where possible. 


The policy ensures that employees have access to learn necessary skills to excel at their current roles and identify future training needs to grow skill sets and knowledge.


The policy applies to all our employees. 

Our Commitment

At Make a Wish, we are committed to upskilling our employees and volunteers on an ongoing basis. We will organise training sessions on topics that will increase the personal skill level of employees and their competency benefiting Make-A-Wish as whole.

Training will focus on topics such as finance and ethical sourcing;  sustainability commitments, ethics, diversity and inclusion, code of conduct, awareness on sustainable development and climate change. To monitor our training and upskilling programme, we have determined the following metrics:

  • Training topics/modules covered
  • Employees trained

To implement our commitment, we shall be guided by the following steps:

  • Develop a training plan in conjunction with performance management process
  • Partner with a number of corporate or training platforms that can offer modules to our team at limited or no cost.