Sustainable Products and Waste Management Policy

Sustainable Products and Waste Management Policy


Proper waste management should be the prime responsibility of any organisation despite its size. We understand how a massive amount of waste generated ends up in landfill contributing to soil & groundwater contamination and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions leading to serious concerns of public health and environmental degradation.

As part of our three-year strategy plan, we are developing our sustainability plan to shape our long-term approach and monitor our performance, both within our own operations and the wider supply chain. We plan to identify, manage and avoid negative impacts on the environment by assessing our use of sustainable products and monitoring our waste management process.


The policy sets down a waste management framework for handling and disposing the waste generated within the organisation and as a part of organisation’s activities.


The policy applies to our own operations and event (fundraising, community events) venues. 

Our Commitment

At Make-a-Wish, we are committed to reducing waste as a result of our operations by all possible means available. We commit to utilising sustainable products that can be recycled and reused as a part of a circular economy approach by assessing the waste generated and disposal practices in the offices, fundraising events and while making wishes come true.  The donation and volunteering programmes are a powerful engine for sustainable reuse of resources driven by donated goods. The reuse and recycling of items will have a significant positive environmental impact, enabling lower greenhouse emissions, and conserving natural resources.

Due to the diverse nature of activities, we usually generate non-hazardous wastes ranging from general office wastes and recyclable materials. We ensure that the waste generated is disposed of responsibly. We have determined the following metrics to monitor the waste management process:

  • Waste generated
  • Waste disposed and disposal method
  • To implement our commitment,  we shall be guided by the following steps:
  • Waste minimisation at source and follow 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) principles
  • Ensure compliance in accordance to all applicable waste management rules
  • Conduct awareness programs for employees on waste management practices