Equity Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Policy


Fostering the culture of inclusivity and diversity is important to create a fair and welcoming workplace.

In 2021, we launched a new three year Strategic Plan focussing on strengthening the impact we create in the society whilst keeping our stakeholders especially children, donors and people at the centre of every decision we make. Our mission is to create a unique workplace that is free from discrimination, harassment and bullying and provide a platform for people from different backgrounds to unleash their potential.


The policy articulates our commitment towards enhancing the diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the organization.


The policy applies to all our stakeholders- employees, partners, funders/donors, and children. 

Our Commitment

Together we are committed to building an inclusive and diverse culture that celebrates and values all the voices and cultures of our children and our communities. We know that our wish children and the wishes we grant are unique and we promote our colleagues, volunteers and communities to embrace their own uniqueness so that they can be their authentic self empowering them to grant the wishes of every eligible child.

We have determined specific metrics to build a workplace that reflects diversity, inclusion and equity:

  • Promoting accessibility to all eligible children
  • Diversity among  employees and volunteers
  • Increase Geographical reach

To implement our commitments towards diverse and inclusive organisation,  we shall be guided by the following steps:

  • All decisions in the organisation are free from discrimination and focused on our DEI position
  • Conduct awareness workshops in the organisation to enhance inclusivity, collaboration and mitigate unconscious bias
  • Registering grievances if any stakeholder is subject to discrimination, harassment or bullying