We surprised Patrick on his 8th birthday by granting him his wish for a black Labrador puppy! Patrick met pup Luke Maxi Zoo Ireland Omni, where he was treated to a shopping spree for doggy accessories!

Patrick is living with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. He had always wanted a dog but it wasn't possible while he was undergoing treatment.

Patrick's Mum told us: "With Patrick's original wish of being a mascot at an Irish International Rugby game no longer possible due to Covid-19, we went back to the drawing board and discovered that what he would really like was a dog. Patrick loves animals and we had often talked about getting a dog when he finished treatment. Make-A-Wish went above and beyond to make his dream a reality and pulled out all the stops on Patrick's birthday to give him the biggest surprise of his life! Our Wishgranter Louise thought of everything and made the whole experience so special for him. It was a magical evening which we'll never forget. We are so grateful to Make-A-Wish for the wonderful work they do and to the staff at Maxi Zoo for their kindness and generosity. Patrick's puppy has brought such joy to him and us already after such a difficult few years and we look forward to many years of happiness and fun ahead with the newest member of our family, Luke."

Thanks to our friends at Maxi Zoo for helping us grant this wish.

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