Laura, age 14 from Dublin, is living with an extremely rare neurological condition. A game show fanatic, Laura’s all-time favourite show is Tipping Point and she especially loves watching host Ben Shephard! So we were delighted to grant her wish to chat with Ben on a video call! Laura got to ask lots of questions and loved hearing all about the background details of the show. 

Mum Rachel told us, “while we were on holiday in Wexford a number of years ago, Laura loved playing the Penny Pusher in the amusement arcade and she was thrilled to see there was a game show of it.  Laura has been a fan of Tipping Point ever since and it’s been her “go to” program over the years when she has her bad days. She has a massive crush on Ben Shephard and he was extremely kind to give up his time to Zoom call her. They laughed and chatted, and he had great patience with ALL of her questions! She especially loved her Tipping Point cake courtesy of Savage Cakes. You are a gentleman Ben and such a genuinely nice person. Thank you for making our girl’s wish come true.”

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