Musician Jamie is 14 years old and plays the accordion. He also loves football and being with his friends. Jamie has also been through treatment for B cell acute lymphoblastic Leukemia which includes chemotherapy. When Jamie found out he was getting a wish there was just one thing he knew he wanted – to meet his music idol, Marty Mone.

Marty Mone is an Irish Singer-Songwriter hailing from Castleblayney Co. Monaghan and is making waves with his eclectic blend of country and folk. Marty exploded onto the music scene in 2015 with his single ‘Hit The Diff’, which went on to amass over 11 million views on YouTube to date. Self-recorded and produced, the track (along with the video that he self-directed), springboarded his success and catapulted him into the limelight. Marty has since released 23 Original Songs and 2 Albums. 

During his treatment, Jamie listened to Marty’s music and his uncle Fergus even brought Jamie along to see Marty play. It was here Jamie first met Marty and the young man from Roscommon was so impressed with Marty, his music and his truck he wished he could spend time with him, go on a truck drive together, and sing a song afterwards.

In November 2021 Jamie’s wish came true. He along with his family arrived at the Cavan Crystal hotel where Marty was waiting with his famous red truck. Jamie, dressed smartly in a Marty Mone jacket complete with the truck, got to chat with his hero before going to check out the truck. Jamie had questions about the truck which Marty answered with a clear love of the big red bull nose truck.

Jamie and Uncle Fergus accompanied Marty for a drive in the truck. People waved as they recognised it going by them on the streets. Jamie chatted about his treatment and told Marty a story of how he had been talking to his nurses about his wish. When they arrived back with his chemotherapy they had “Hit the Diff” playing and they tried learning the song with Jamie’s help. This is a true testament to the extra mile the nurses go for children undergoing treatment.

When they arrived back at the hotel there was a rousing sing-song. Jamie and Marty played and sang together like a duo who had done this before. Leigh danced while the family looked on with adoration of their own music superstar. There may have even been a tear shed while watching the pure joy on Jamie’s face as his wish came true.

Thanks to the Cavan crystal hotel, Oak & Oak Wedding Films, The Cakery and to Marty and Alison for making Jamie’s wish day a truly magical one.

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