Sarah (aged 17) from Co. Wexford was living with osteosarcoma and wished to see the Northern Lights. In April 2019 we arranged for Sarah, her parents and her four brothers to go to Iceland. A doting big sister, Sarah wanted to be the one to tell her two youngest brothers that they were going to Iceland – their initial response was that they didn’t want to go to the supermarket!

Mum Majella told us that other planned family events never seemed to work out for one reason or another and the wish trip was the only time things went to plan. Even up to the night before travel, they were worried the trip would not happen as Sarah’s temperature had spiked.

Arriving in Iceland, it was bitingly cold but they layered up and kicked off their trip with a big snowball fight and lots of laughs! They enjoyed a thrilling hike over a glacier where they carefully avoided the sheer drops and Sarah tasted the 600-year-old ice! On the second night of Northern Lights hunting, Sarah’s dream came true when the sky lit up with a phenomenal light show.

Sarah sadly passed away 3 months after her wish and 11 months after diagnosis. Mum says “this trip of a lifetime allowed us as a family to create fantastic and loving memories that will be cherished forever and never forgotten”.


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