Katie is a young girl from Cork who is crazy about country music. She is constantly playing the guitar and singing at home. Katie was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and she has experienced a difficult few years. However, she never let her illness affect her passion or dreams in life. One of these dreams was to meet her favourite country music singer Nathan carter…

The magical wish day started with Katie and her family travelling up from Cork to Leopardstown Racecourse where Nathan was performing that evening. Katie could barely contain her excitement the time edged closer to meeting the country music star. When the pair met Nathan gave her a big hug before chatting to Katie about her favourite songs. Katie then showed off her supreme musical talent as she performed ‘Wagon Wheel’ in a duet with Nathan. there were smiles and cheers all round from Katie’s friends and family in the room.

Just when Katie thought the day couldn’t get any better, Nathan presented her with a guitar shaped cake to celebrate her 11th birthday. Nathan also kindly gave her presents before he invited her to his concert. he even brought Katie on stage to sing and dance with him during his performance. It’s certainly a birthday Katie won’t forget!

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