"Angus' wish means so much to us as he can no longer understand or speak past the age of a six month old. His wish is extra special as it incorporates all of the things he's always loved. Angus loves Cookie Monster and watching films - this has now been made more comfortable for his eyes due to his optic atrophy. Angus' disease has robbed him of being able to travel and enjoy holidays due to so many complications so, to us this is just the best wish for him. You have truly brightened our little pickles life...”

A special thank you to Caoilfhionn Hanton Art for creating such an inspirational mural based on Angus’ two loves in life, Cookie Monster and 
New York.

We'd also like to thank our friends in Kelly and Dollard and Colour Trend for their generous donations and The Biscuit Club who made Angus an honorary member and presented him with his very own Cookie Monster jersey!

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