Jayden (aged 5) from Dublin is living with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and recently had his wish to go to Disneyland Paris granted. Jayden's mum shared their story wish us, including how much their first family trip away meant to them:

"When Jayden was diagnosed in November 2016, aged 3, with high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, our lives were turned upside down. He endured nine months of intense chemotherapy in between countless weeks of isolation. There were scary moments of heart and kidney scans and an allergic reaction to his medications and injections which brought us to attend the hospital five days a week for a couple of months.

He was so unwell throughout his diagnosis he didn’t have any good days to go back to preschool. We just focused on getting him better one day at a time. At the start we didn’t realise how long the treatment would be, how much medication and different treatments that were needed and how it affects the whole body. We thought back then that we would never know what happiness felt like again. Your whole family suffer, you feel like your life is on hold and you're left searching for some light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Jayden is now one year into maintenance and we’re having more good days. Jayden adores his big sister Katelyn, so when we were told that his wish to go to Disneyland Paris was going to be granted we were overwhelmed that we could all be involved. It was the first time in a very long time that we felt excitement and we just had the best time ever over there. It felt great watching him being a kid again and just getting excited about everything and pushing all of his worries aside. We all had an amazing time and made the best memories ever. He got to meet the marvel superheroes who he is crazy about!"

We would like to pass on these words of thanks to all our donors, volunteers and supporters who made Jayden's wish possible: "You made one little boy and his family very happy. We are forever grateful for his wish being granted... Thank you so much!"

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