In 2018, Aidan (then 10) from Cork was granted a wish to go on a sun holiday! Aidan and his familiy got to go to PortAventura World resort in Salou, Spain. Parents Steven and Vicki share their story:

"One night back in 2015, Vicki and I were sitting at home when the doorbell rang. Two volunteers from Make-A-Wish politely introduced themselves and asked if they could interview Aido. Crumlin Children’s Hospital in Dublin had informed Make-A-Wish of Aido’s illness and his long and difficult battle with chronic kidney disease since 2012. We welcomed in the two volunteers and they had a good chat with Aido in the sitting room. I can still remember vividly the moment they asked him what his one wish would be if he could have any wish in the world. His reply was, “my own private jet!” Only Aido could think of that and needless to say we all got a great kick out of his ambitious wish. In the end, he settled for a more realistic wish of a sun holiday to Salou and its theme park, PortAventura.

Unfortunately, later that year in 2015, Aido went into full kidney failure and needed daily dialysis so his wish to Salou was put on the long finger. Three harrowing years passed and Aido had numerous surgeries including his kidney transplant. In February 2017, his Uncle Tommy heroically donated a kidney to him and even though there have been complications since, Aido is doing very well. In fact, he is doing so well that he was finally able to go on his Make-A-Wish holiday to Salou in June 2018. We as a family can’t say enough about the Make-A-Wish organisation. We will forever be indebted to this wonderful charity. The holiday to Salou was fantastic especially because Aido was able to be a kid once again. He loved that holiday so much and to this day he talks about it. He spent every day in the swimming pool with his brother Robbie and his sister Kate. For years he wasn’t allowed to swim due to the dialysis tube protruding from his stomach and the associated risks of infection, so he was determined to make the most of it. The icing on the cake was that his kidney donor, Uncle Tommy, booked the same holiday with his wife, Emily (Vicki’s sister) and their children too. Auntie Evelyn (Vicki’s sister) and her family also booked so this meant that Aido was surrounded by many of his first cousins on his dream holiday. On top of all that, our fantastic neighbours and lifelong friends, Karen and Ja, also travelled with their kids, whom Aido is very friendly with. It just couldn’t get better than that.

In the video, you will see a picture that speaks a thousand words. Its Aido and Tommy holding hands and jumping into the swimming pool. Two heroes and two kidneys eternally connected through a heroic story of triumph over adversity. It was always Aido’s dream to be able to swim again and sitting there watching him swimming without a care in the world, after 6 long years of battling kidney disease, was sublime to say the least. Make-A-Wish also gave us a full family pass for the theme park PortAventura which was amazing with all its roller coasters and numerous other attractions. Vicki and I will never forget that evening back in 2015 when two strangers knocked on our door. It has always stayed with us that so many people are working diligently to make wishes come true for sick children. Those two volunteers from Make-A-Wish were a beacon of light and hope for us as we faced into turmoil in the months and years ahead so please support this amazing organisation that puts smiles back on sick children’s faces by making their dreams come true."

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