In 2013 Caitlin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Caitlin was sent to Crumlin hospital for the first of many long stays there.

During her illness she was unable to have any contact with animals at all due to her very low immune system. As a result, she couldn’t visit the houses of any friends who had pets because of the risk of picking up an infection. The opportunity to work with animals for a day was a dream that did not seem possible during Caitlin's intensive treatment. Over the summer we granted Caitlin wish to be a Vet for the day.

On the day of the wish Caitlin scrubbed up and got straight to work with Dr Pete Wedderburn and the rest of the team at Brayvet. Dr. Caitlin got the opportunity to observe a dog undergo surgery and helped perform check ups with her very own stethoscope. Later in the day Dr. Caitlin travelled to the Bairbre O’Malley Veterinary Hospital. She got to see, hold, cuddle and learn about lots of different animals – rabbits, guinea pigs, rats – and hand fed a poorly chinchilla. She even encountered a water dragon!

Caitlin’s wish included a visit to Glenroe Farm where she received a personal tour and got to interact with all the animals. Her highlight was holding a one-day old baby chick. The final part of her wish was a visit to Sea Life Bray Aquarium where she learned about sea creatures, touched a starfish and got to go behind the scenes in the shark tank to feed them. We think the pictures speak for themselves!

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