Miley, aged 6 and from Wicklow, recently had her wish to have a sensory play area in her bedroom granted. Miley is living with chronic lung disease, uncontrolled seizures, is non-communicative and must be peg fed.

Miley’s parents Ann and Charlene told us their little girl loves sensory rooms and since she spends a lot of time in her bedroom, a sensory play area would be what Miley would wish for. They hoped the room would bring Miley joy, as well as encouraging her to stand and move, and to explore her environment.

The room features a Peppa Pig mural, padded flooring, a kinetic wonder wall, custom-made fixtures including a cloud mirror, a bubble tube and plinth and other sensory equipment, all in her favourite colour – pink! The mirror feature allows Miley a little independence as it means that her mums can watch for signs of a seizure while she plays on her own.

We would like to thank Adam and Friends and muralist Neil O’Dwyer of for helping us grant this wish.

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