Just two days after Ellie was born, she was transferred to the renal unit at Crumlin Children’s hospital. Here her loving Mum Jackie and Dad Joe were told the heartbreaking news that Ellie had been diagnosed with Bilateral Kidney Dysplasia. Unfortunately, Ellie’s first Christmas was spent in hospital and family members only got to meet their precious new addition to the family two weeks after she was born as she had to be isolated in hospital.  In January, Ellie was thankfully discharged from hospital, however, the road ahead was filled with numerous hospital visits and treatments.

Ellie was fortunate to be able to have her dialysis from home, but this came with its difficulties too. Ellie had to be in bed every evening by 7.30pm. Once in bed, Ellie couldn’t get up as she was attached to her dialysis machine for over 10 hours every night. Clock watching became the new normal for the family as feeds, medicine and dressings had to be attended to.

But not once did Ellie complain, she took it all in her stride

Almost 6 years later, on June 14th 2021, Ellie underwent a kidney transplant. The incredible part of this story is that her Mum, Jackie was Ellie’s donor.

Mum told us “I was lucky enough to be able to donate a kidney to her. Since her transplant she has a new lease of life. She is now eating, having sleepovers, and has started swimming lessons! She has a new zest for life.”

Dad said, “Ellie is the most remarkable child you could meet, and it is an absolute honor to call her my daughter. She has overcome so many obstacles in her short life and all with a smile on her face. Ellie has the most infectious personality and never fails to make us smile. We are so proud of our little girl!” 

Just before having her transplant Ellie was granted her wish for a garden playhouse and two weeks after being discharged from hospital, Make-A-Wish made Ellie’s wish come true.The beautiful new playhouse was designed exactly as Ellie had imagined! With a pink slide, swings, a seesaw, climbing frame and a pink and blue playhouse.

“The minute she saw it, her eyes lit up and she declared it was The Best Day Ever!”

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