Darragh (11) is a gaming fanatic from Cork.

Darragh loves connecting with friends through gaming and gaming platforms.

In 2021, Darragh was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. This is a condition where tumours can develop and form in muscle or fibrous tissues in the body.

From the time of his diagnosis, Darragh has found great comfort and fun in gaming. So, it was no surprise that Darragh’s wish was going to be a gaming themed one.

Darragh’s wish was to have his very own VR headset. Darragh wished for this because VR headsets are “fun and cool”.

He also told Make-A-Wish that having one would “help (him) have more fun”, playing and connecting with his friends.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in granting such a magical wish for Darragh. Thank you to our volunteers Louise & Caoimhe who surprised Darragh on his wish day and hand-delivered his wish, including lots of gaming accessories and goodies, to him; and to everyone at Tara Promotional Group, for the personalised hoodie.

Happy gaming Darragh!

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