Lexie’s story

You may have met Lexie. She battles a life-threatening medical condition daily. She has so many constrains put upon her due to her illness. Yet she still manages to smile!

Lexie's wish was to go to Disneyland and be a princess for the day, to see the fireworks display and most of all, to meet Minnie and Micky Mouse! 

When Lexie had a visit from the Make-A-Wish team to tell her the news she couldn’t quite believe it. Herself and her brother Charlie were super excited and counted down every day until the trip!

Lexie would not only be going to Disneyland Paris, but she would spend her 7th birthday dressed as a princess in the most magical place on earth! 

The wish had a huge impact on Lexie and the family as it was the very first time that we were able to leave the country and go on a holiday together.

Although the idea was never impossible, it was always out of our reach as there was a lot of organisation and help required to not only transport Lexie’s medical equipment, but to ensure Lexie was able to get her TPN medication (intravenous feeding) safely every day. 

The flight over to Paris worked like a dream. The lovely flight staff made Lexie and all of the family feel so special throughout the trip. They even brought Lexie and Charlie into the cockpit, once the flight landed in Paris, to meet the lovely pilots!! Lexie said the flight was ‘awesome!'.

As for the hotel, what can I say. How cool to have bunkbeds in the room. The kids were in heaven! And we got to go swimming in the swimming pool together when we woke up on our first day in Disney. 

Waking up in Disney on Lexie’s 7th birthday and getting to dress up as a princess with a tiara for the day was the best day ever! We met Mickey and Pluto and Goofy, ER, Tiger and all the princesses!! The energy she had on the day was incredible. She loved the park rides, especially Buzz lightyear, Dumbo & It’s A Small World; she went on some of these rides 3 or 4 times.

Later that day, a Mickey Mouse birthday cake was presented to Lexie when she was dressed as a princess and all the characters & other guests sang Happy Birthday to her! What more could a little girl want.

Lexie and the rest of the family were exhausted from all the excitement and the fun activities we took part in throughout the trip.

Make-A-Wish and Disneyland Paris provided much needed assistance to us in terms of ensuring Lexie was taken care of thought the stay. This helped hugely with the long days in the theme parks. Lexie’s wish was, by far, one of the most happy and exciting events for the O’Riordan family in recent years and we are so thankful that Make-A-Wish enabled us to make so many wonderful memories together on our first family holiday. That will be cherished for many years to come. 

- Sylvia O’Riordan, Lexie’s Mum