Create your own fundraising challenge around the theme of 32! Run 32K, tell 32 jokes, bake 32 cupcakes... the options are endless. 

Make-A-Wish Ireland is entirely dependent on fundraising and donations in order to grant wishes. Summertime usually sees many events and activities being held in aid of Make-A-Wish, ranging from marathons and festivals to cake sales. Understandably, these cannot occur during social distancing.  
That’s why we are encouraging our supporters to join Challenge 32. We’re asking you to take part in an activity of your choice based around the number 32 and fundraise or donate to support Make-A-Wish. 

How can you get involved?
•    Come up with an activity based around the number 32 that suits your skills. We know you can be creative!
•    Create your fundraising page at the link below of make a simple donation.
•    Post about your challenge on your social media

Please help support Make-A-Wish and join the whole country to raise funds for Irish Charities by the end of June – we are all in this together.

Get involved