Meet Our Volunteers

Meet Our Volunteers

Meet Our Volunteers

Volunteering with us is a very special and rewarding experience, you are making a real difference to a child and their families lives. Meet some of volunteers and hear their story.


Christina Murphy, Co. Wicklow

Christina began voluntering for Make-A-Wish since November 2017. She has a love for animals and a passion for zoology which led her to her current role as a zookeeper.

Christina assists wishes in Dublin Zoo and she goes above and beyond to make sure the wish child and their family have a magical zoo experience. 

Why volunteer for Make-A-Wish?

"I know personally how much these experiences can bring happiness and strength to children who are unwell. These experiences not only bring them joy but can also give them hope and shape their entire lives. I can’t imagine anything more valuable to do with my time!"


Peter Bissett, North Dublin

Peter has officially been volunteering with Make-A-Wish since November 2018, but has supported the charity for many years.

Peter is a Primary School Teacher and has a lot of experience working with children. He has such enthusiasm for the charity which he brings in abundance to all events and wish visits he attends.

How did you get involved in Make-A-Wish?

"I had read stories about people whose lives had been positively impacted by Make-A-Wish and I wanted to be part of that mission."

Why Volunteer for Make-A-Wish?

"Working with Make-A-Wish gives me a unique opportunity to gain a wonderful insight into the lives and interests of the children we work with. Being part of the wish-making process is a truly unique opportunity!

Make-A-Wish has a straightforward mission of granting wishes. I'm a strong believer in having one clear goal and working towards it, and seeing the impact (both mental and physical) that these wishes can have on children is incredible."


Martina Greene, Co. Roscommon 

Martina has been a volunteer for Make-A-Wish for over 10 years and has given 100% from day one.

She has always promoted Make-A-Wish in home county, Roscommon, and surrounding counties in Connacht. Fellow volunteers have described her passion for Make-A-Wish as infectious. 

How did you get involved in Make-A-Wish?

"I was living in Galway and my friend was involved and I thought it sounded like an amazing thing to do. I love children so it was a bonus to help in some way to help bring some magic into their lives. Hands down, it has been one of the best decisions of my life."

Favourite part of volunteering for Make-A-Wish?

"It's a massive privilege to meet these very brave children and their families at such a difficult time in their lives. I always say you get way more out of it than you put into it."