Fun Family Activities

With so many children and families staying safely at home during this difficult time, regular work and schoolwork is happening across many households in Ireland. In order to help children and their families focus on positive, hopeful messages, Make-A-Wish has put together some fun ideas for children and their families to do. These can be used as part of either the school day, or as part of family time at home. These materials are free for you to access and share.

I Wish to be, Wish to have, Wish to meet, Wish to go...
At Make-A-Wish, part of our job involves helping children to identify what their one true wish would be, and getting them excited about all of those possibilities and what the future may hold. We feel that everyone could benefit from a similar exercise at this time and that's why we have created these materials. The exercises require nothing more than a few sheets of paper and some thought-provoking conversation among family members!

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