Cut, Shave or Dye

Cut, Shave or Dye

Your hair can grant wishes!

Support Make-A-Wish by cutting, shaving or dyeing your hair! We are so grateful to all our supporters who have taken on this incredible challenge to grant life-changing wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. 

For more information or to get involved today, email us at

How to get involved:

  • Choose one of the options below (Cut, shave or dye). 
  • Set up your fundraising page on iDonate HERE .On your page choose a target, write about what you are doing and upload a photo of yourself. 
  • Share the link to your fundraising page on your Facebook page, Linkedin and Twitter asking friends and family for support. You can also copy and paste the link to your fundraising page into your Instagram bio and ask people on your story for support. Or copy the link into emails to colleagues or WhatsApp groups for support.
  • Pick a date and cut, shave or dye your hair! You can even post pictures on your fundraising page for everyone to see. 


Chop off your hair, donate it to Rapunzel Foundation or Little Princesses and fundraise for Make-A-Wish. Use your princess hair to make princess wishes come true!


Got hair to die for? Or should we say donate for! Set up your fundraising page and ask your friends and family to sponsor you for shaving your head in aid of Make-A-Wish. 


Pink, blue, green, all of the above? Why not take on the challenge of dyeing your hair in aid of Make-A-Wish! Set up your fundraiser and we will be in touch to help you every step of the way.